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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • 3 Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches You MUST Try!

    Are you looking for a unique recipe using your favorite dessert – macaroons? Then ice cream sandwiches are the perfect treat for you! Macaroons offer a more grown up version of the ice cream sandwiches you may have enjoyed as a child. Plus, they are super easy to make! All you need is your favorite macaroons from James' Candy and a scoop of ice cream to put in between! Here are our picks for the top three macaroon ice cream sandwich recipes you MUST TRY now!

    Image of coconut macaroons.

    1. Coconut Macaroon – Of all macaroons, coconut is perhaps the most popular. However, many people do not think of them in terms of ice cream sandwiches. This is because of their more delicate taste. The key to making this recipe work is to use a fruity type of ice cream. Strawberry is perfect, but you can also try cherry vanilla or raspberry if available. Don't be afraid to try a sherbet or fruity frozen yogurt, too. The coconut macaroon ice cream sandwich is perfect for a get-together with the girls or a special event such as a baby or wedding shower.

    Image of almond macaroons.

    2. Almond Macaroon – Almond macaroons are slightly more flexible than coconut ones, but they still have a very delicate taste and the dense texture that make the treat unique. You will still have to be careful with how you pair your macaroons with ice cream, as you don't want to detract from or overwhelm the dominant almond flavor. Vanilla ice cream always works well with almond macaroons, but if you are looking for a stronger flavor, try using ice cream that has caramel swirls or even butter pecan.

    Image of chocolate macaroons.

    3. Chocolate MacaroonThe best thing about chocolate macaroons is that they can go with virtually any ice cream flavor: if you're a self-proclaimed chocoholic, try adding a classic chocolate ice cream; if you want something a bit more subtle, vanilla is always a safe bet; you can also try mint, cookies and cream, or even fruity flavors. You really can't go wrong with the classic chocolate macaroon. These will be perfect for a "make your own macaroon ice cream sandwich" bar at parties. Simply supply your guests with the macaroons and several varieties of ice cream and watch them get creative with their combinations! They'll have a blast!

    Have you ever made an ice cream sandwich out of our macaroons before? What is your favorite combination? If not, what combinations are you most excited to try?


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