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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Squares

    Are you looking for your next no-bake dessert recipe? If so, check out this sweet treat that pairs the deliciousness of Bayard's chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate and peanut butter into one easy recipe! Check out the recipe below.

    James Candy Infographic.

  • Macaroons, the Cookie for Everyone!

    The holidays have come and pass, and everyone has most definitely eaten more than they needed to, but that’s part of what the holidays are all about.  Of course with all the eating there has to be a favorite and for us that is dessert!  Many people will enjoy all kinds of desserts but one of the best is the macaroon.  The macaroon has existed for centuries; some even say it has been around since the 9th century where it was first created in Italy.  What makes macaroons unique is their ingredients and long history.

    Macaroon’s origins can be traced back to the Italian monastery, and it is believed that they were brought to France in 1533.  The cookies were very popular in those times and were also popular with particular religious groups, like the Italian Jews because they had no flour or leavening.  They eventually spread throughout the rest of Europe as well, and that’s where alterations to the original recipe happened.


    Macaroon’s name comes from the Italian word maccarone or maccherone which referred to the almond paste which was the main ingredient in them.  The other ingredients are sugar and egg whites.  As macaroons spread throughout Europe the recipe was altered.  In some recipes potato starch is added to give the macaroons more body.  Due to the shelf life of mashed potatoes in macaroons they are not a common commercial recipe.  One of the biggest changes to the recipe was introducing shredded dry coconut.  At first the coconut was added in small amounts but over time it completely replaced the ground almonds in some recipes.

    Today, coconut macaroons are the most popular in North America, but the recipe keeps changing and new variations are being created.  Companies like James Candy offer a whole variety of macaroons.  One of the most popular adaptations to this recipe is dipping the macaroons in chocolate.  Originally people preferred them being dipped in milk chocolate, but now you can get them dipped in dark and white chocolate!  They also have the delicious French version known as a Macaron (French Macaroon).  These lovely delights are two very light almond meringue cookies that sandwich a filling.  The macaroon is unique because of its feathery lightness and soft creamy filling.

    Don’t let the end of the holidays end your enjoyment of mouth-watering, scrumptious baked goods.  Macaroons are one of those delightful treats that are fun to eat any time of the year, and are perfect for giving to visitors and friends.

  • Winter is here, but so is Summer!

    Winter is here and normally that means lots of snow and frigid weather.  This year our winter has been fortunately temperate (knock on wood) and it has been far more enjoyable than last year.  Winter also means another thing to us food aficionados; it means winter candy!  At first you may just be thinking candy canes, but there’s so much more to winter candy than just candy canes!

    There are mints, cookies, fudge, winter chocolates and so much more!  The winter is also a great time for indoor activities like building a gingerbread house and baking.  While it’s cold outside you can be snug inside as your oven bakes that delicious batch of cookies for you, and you can enjoy the warmth as you create a scrumptious gingerbread house.  Winter is also a great time to sit and chow down on those delicious candied almonds, pecans and other nuts.  One of the best things to do in winter is melting fudge in the microwave, which you can then drizzle over a bowl of ice cream or anything else that fills your imagination.

    With so much variety available, one can sometimes wonder where to best begin with candy in the winter.  However, some folks never want summer to end, and so for them they decide that salt water taffy should be their candy of choice.  Even though taffy is traditionally thought of as a summer candy, it too can be enjoyed in the heart of winter.  Buying and eating taffy year round helps many people remember the summer and their fond memories of that time of year.  The wonderful thing nowadays is that all of these delicious candies are available to us year round.  In decades before, if summer was really your season and taffy your candy, you may have to wait a long time between summers.

    Fortunately for us candy lovers, whether you’re looking for one of those sweet winter candies or salt water taffy, places like James Candy now offer all of it to us all year round.  Thanks to the advent of the internet and online ordering, those of us who long for the warm summer days can be reminded of them as we eat our taffy and stay warm in our house.  So be sure to take full advantage of these modern conveniences and make your favorite candy your own winter candy.

  • Keeping Candy Kosher

    kosherIt’s almost like a fact of life – everyone has a sweet tooth, no matter their backgrounds or beliefs! That’s why Kosher candy is becoming a more sought-after commodity than you may think. To give you some background on the term Kosher or Kosher foods, it’s a religious regulation of Jewish dietary law.

    According to a Pew Research report, they find there are about 5.3 million who follow the Jewish religion and Kosher regulations in the United States. This type of food diet regulation has to fit certain aspects to be labeled as Kosher and finding foods that can be deemed Kosher can sometimes be difficult. However, when things like candy can become Kosher, the worlds of your taste buds can experience a delicious treat!

    One of the best things of running a candy company is letting everyone get a little taste and that means finding practices that allows just that! James Candy Company doesn’t want to let anyone miss out on beloved treats like salt water taffy, chocolates, caramel chews or anything else for that matter which is why they are proud to serve a huge assortment of Kosher Candy. And one of the best things about Kosher Candy is that it’s still derived from the best ingredients around.

    Staying within religious dietary guidelines can sometimes make it a little harder to get that food you love but with Kosher Candy, everything can be a little sweeter. James Candy has treats like Kosher salt water taffy, Kosher chocolates, Kosher non-pariels and so much more. It’s easy to stay true to a Kosher diet while enjoying Kosher candy from James Candy. Every consideration and requirement is taken to produce the best kosher candy out there and the best part is, you don’t have to follow the Kosher diet to get a piece of Kosher candy. So if you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth but must follow Kosher food regulations, let James Candy be your number one candy shop!

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