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  • Gift Guide: How to Treat Your Co-Workers

    candy tourEvery year, the holiday season comes around and you may be at a standstill trying to figure out how to spread that holiday cheer around the office. Should you buy everyone an individual gift? Should you only give them holiday cards? Will lottery scratch-off tickets suffice?

    The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to figure out what everyone likes and with that being said, one gift that is a crowd favorite is candy! Gifting candy during the holiday can make your life a little easier and it’ll be a special way to tell your co-workers you care about them. While the notion may seem small, giving candy as a gift will go a far way and you’ll definitely make your co-workers happy.

    The best thing about gifting candy is that you have so many different choices that can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. From macaroons to salt water taffy to rich and creamy fudge, gifting candy will go over well with everyone. Here are some tips to check out when gifting candy!


    You may not know which candies are your co-workers favorites, so you could make a candy gift basket that has a variety of candies in them. Consider all types of flavor profiles, from chocolates to nuts to fruity salt water taffy. Don’t forget to place some chewy macaroons into the basket as well! Giving your co-workers a variety of candies to eat will cover all your bases because there will be at least one thing they absolutely love.


    Depending on the number of co-workers you are giving gifts to, candy is a cost effective solution for small or large offices! You have the ability to use a lot of pieces or ration out the amount you give to each co-worker. Either way, candy will be a tasty treat from one piece to one dozen!


    Perhaps your office is throwing a holiday party and it’s just a little too hard for you to give a gift to everyone. A great idea is to whip up a delicious dessert that has pieces of candy all over it! From cakes to brownies to cookies, candy can always find its way into a recipe. For example, you could make real fudge brownies by dropping in a few pieces of fudge into your brownie mix. You can also decorate a cake with macaroons for an added chewy element and you could make chocolate bark with candied nuts!

    The options are truly endless when it comes time to gift candy. From gift baskets to desserts, candy is a crowd favorite and it’ll help you spread around some much needed holiday joy!

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