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  • Different Uses For Holiday Candy

    ginger bread houseThe holiday season is in full swing and that means your sweet tooth might be craving a few pieces of candy between now and the New Year! With that being said, holiday candy is definitely hot seller because it can be used in variety of ways that can bring on some much needed holiday cheer! If you are looking for some fun ways to use holiday candy this year, check out this ultimate reference guide to steer you in the right direction


    Giving the gift of candy might be one of the most versatile options around! Who doesn’t love some sweets? Candy is the perfect way to give a little something to someone special and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get. If you have a lot of people on your gift giving list this year, candy is the economical and tasty way to show some appreciated thought. With an almost limitless way to display and give candy, you have so many creative options to gift it! For example, you could place candy in a decorative holiday baggie, put together a beautiful candy basket or conceal it in wrapping paper.

    Holiday candy can also be used a nostalgic gift because certain candies may remind people of their favorite past time or memory. Think of the shore for this one! The boardwalk is home to the best salt water taffy around and gifting that candy will remind anyone of a warm summer’s day at the beach.

    Stocking Stuffers

    Nothing says Christmas like a stocking so filling that stocking with a handful of candy would please anyone! Whether the stocking is for you, your family or friends, popping in a few pieces of candy will definitely light up some faces. You could put different candies in different stockings like fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, caramels and more

    Ginger Bread Houses

    Sparking your inner architect is always fun when making ginger bread houses! You can easily incorporate holiday candies by decorating the exterior of the ginger bread house with all types of candies. It’s quite easy – all you have to do is grab some extra icing and dab some on the candy to make it act like a glue. Place the candy all over the little house to add some color and bite sized snacks! Once your ginger bread house is complete, put it on display but don’t be surprised if your little decorations go missing.


    Using holiday candy in desserts goes hand-in-hand with a ginger bread house because it’s something that will make everyone’s mouth water. If you are making a dessert for a holiday party, consider decorating the dessert with candy. For example, if you bake a cake, top the cake with pieces of non-pariels for an added crunch or chocolate covered cordial cherries for a fruity punch.

    Getting a little creative with candy can go a long way and definitely impress family and friends! So make sure when you go through your holiday list, think of amazing ways to incorporate a little bit of sweetness into every gift, dessert and special moment.

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