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James Candy Company knows that everyone loves candy. So we’ve made our products kosher so that all those who love sweets can enjoy them. Get ready to add items to your kosher candy list as all of our products are kosher. We offer numerous types of kosher candy, such as kosher salt water taffy, kosher chocolates and more.

We understand that many of our customers want to adhere to their religious dietary guidelines, so we’ve made it our mission to make our candy more inclusive so they can stay true to their diet while enjoying some kosher candy. Test out our many flavors of kosher salt water taffy - after all salt water taffy is what we’re most famous for. Of course, our kosher chocolate gives our taffy a run for its money. Sample all our kosher candy and find your old fashioned favorite.

Check out our kosher certification to view our kosher candy list and the listed restrictions.

All of our products are now kosher. Please download our kosher certification pdf for more details.

Kosher Certification
Kosher Certification

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